For EPS European Component Equipment What Are The Advantages?

EPS European component equipment advantage details are the following:

1, the use of EPS European component power produced components from open mode style: craft manufacturers provide mold satisfactory production and tooling costs only version will be required. EPS continental lines cutting power, eliminating mold costs, dovetail saw-shaped Groove, trapezoid Groove EPS machinery and other special-shaped Groove, European-style building eave lines, foot line, Roman column of any European component EPS (expanded polystyrene) are cut.

2, labor efficiency: craft thermoset foam equipment manufacturer from spreading to produce many thermoset foam sheet hire, much more than 20 people.

3, materials, high precision: craft production using molds, crafts squeegee paint looks rough, poor product quality, loss of extended defects caused manufacturers to profit greatly reduced. EPS continental lines cutting power on is software controlled, cutting large quantity of saving EPS polystyrene boards, cutting accuracy error is less than 0.1mm to meet requests for large Villa project, renovation of old buildings.