Foam Machinery Equipment Production

Bubble machine after an advance of beads to keep a certain amount of foaming agent and water vapor when condensation becomes liquid, liquid foaming agent into the polystyrene, bubble pressure soon decreased, negative pressure within the bubble (partial vacuum), the bead is very soft and easy to shape. So when the air, try not to make the air pressure is too great, the wind pipe should be smooth, bend RADIUS is as large as possible (collision resistance), the pipeline should be good conductors of electricity, entire circuit must be grounded to avoid static sparking and speed should not exceed 8M/s, so bead damage.

Just out bubble mechanical pre sent machine of beads material are is wet of, from pre sent machine released Hou, due to absorption air, suddenly met cold, led cellular-like bubble hole in the sent bubble agent condensation makes bubble hole within formed negative pressure, so beads grain in pre sent Hou must placed a time, while makes its dry, on the makes its into air elimination negative pressure, makes bubble hole in the of within pressure and outside pressure balance, so as not to bubble hole collapsed flat, makes beads grain has elastic.

EPS beads just advance by a certain time of drying, cooling and process known as maturation of the cell pressure. Maturing improved pre-beads in further expansion in the process of forming, fusion between beads and bead elastic, help to improve the quality of EPS products.

In the aging process, Pearl through air cooling, foam stoma of foaming agent and vapor is condensed into a liquid, forming a negative pressure within the cell. At this point, the air through the cell membrane into the cell, the cell pressure in equilibrium with the external pressure, this will advance after the bead is flexibility.

Aging can be divided into natural maturation and pressure curing methods. In a cool, dry, well-ventilated conditions, natural gas natural aging. Natural beads after curing, adding gas in sealed containers (air, nitrogen) to have a certain pressure and air, called a pressurized ripening.