EPS Icf Shape Molding Machine, EPS Shape Moulding Machine


Main features

1. The machine adopts PLC and touch screen and advanced moulding technique and can produce various shape of EPS products;

2. The machine adopts pressurized filling, featuring high speed and full feeding. Totally 25 to 37 automatic filling guns can be installed;

3. The machine adopts digital coder to control mould opening and closing stroke, controlled by PLC and easy to adjust; Mould opening and closing is actuated by hydraulic system;

4. The vacuum system can accelerate moulding speed, reduce cooling time and decrease moisture content of the product;

5. Hydraulic systems adopts differential fast device, improve the speed of moving mould journey to a maximum ofabout 200mm per second, saving energy comsumption over 40%.

6. Most of the main component are of world-famous brand, with reliable performance, stable quantity, long service life and low maintenance cost;

7. Automatic shape moulding machine with vacuum, the body of machine is welded steel plate, greatly improve the steel and hardness of the whole machine.

8. The screen adopts human interface design with easy opration and parameters setting.

9. The horizontal double switch chamber of the machine adopts material switch control system, greatly reduced as a result of raw materials result in waste probability.

10. The machine sets up particular drainage, vacuum system, meanwhile, improve the capacity drainage, vacuum system, meanwhile, improve the capacity of drainage.

11. Vertical vacuum chamber with spray devices, greatly improve the efficiency of the vacuum.

ItemUnit HS1200  HS1400  HS1750       HS2000              
Mould Dimensionmm1200*10501400*12501750*14502000*1650
Max Product Dimensionmm 1050*900*
Strokemm   150-1500 150-1500150-1500150-1500      
Steam Entry    DN    80    100    100    100   
Steam ConsumptionKg/cycle    5~7   6~9    8~12    9~15      
Cooling Water Entry    DN    65    80    80    80   
Cooling water ConsumptionKg/cycle45-130    50-15055-180    90-220      
Compressed air entry    DN    40    50    50    65      
Compressed air consumptionM3 /cycle1.51.8    22.5      
Capacity 15kg/m3    S 60~120 70~140  80~150 100~200      
Connected loadKw    9    12.5    16.5    16.5      
Overall dimensionmm4750*1750*
Machine weightKg    50005500    60007000