EPS Machines Fixed Wire Grid

EPS machinery fixed wire grid profile

This system's EPS Web non-penetrating steel mesh plate using flame retardant EPS Board, which positively required for processing into profile grooves on one side with a 2.0mm steel wire mesh, abdominal oblique inserted into three dimensional space insulation boards. To prevent wire mesh corrosion and ease of foam insulation board surface machinery combined with external screeds, surface of EPS boards and spray diagonal wire grid interface. Abdominal non-penetrating steel mesh automatic foam polystyrene Board for preservation of mechanical temperature insulation anchorage bars fixed on the grass-roots network adapter or embedded on the walls, polystyrene surface crack resistance of mortar bond wire mesh, which belongs to the thick plaster external wall thermal insulation system.

Two, EPS machinery fixed construction technology of steel grid plate

1, the wall surface treatment: meet the wall surface is flat, without leveling of wall surface level error 2mm.

2, anchoring into plum-shaped reinforcement arrangement, φ 6 bars across the Board should be folded to 90 degrees, with twist ties EPS machinery and wire mesh tie, polyphenyl plate anchorage points shall not be less than 7 per square meter Board not less than 4 less than 0.5 square roots, less than 0.5 square plates shall not be less than 2.

3, exposed steel of not less than 100mm, insulating Board placed on the floor at the grass-roots support at the plate, height of less than 50 cm of wire grid can be used, but must be fixed by φ 6 bars. Supports must be fixed with shear wall. 15cm mm wide mesh links at the seams, door and window opening should also be reinforced by mesh.

4, steel grid plate through-wall φ φ 6 just 6 bars and reinforced bend 90 degree double lashing from 0.07 bar wire, insulation panels and the exterior walls closer together, the installation of thermal insulation panels seam should be tight. If sewing is not combined with polyphenyl bars fill is needed to prevent the gap appears cold, heat-bridge phenomenon.