EPS Foam Machinery With Excellent Thermal Insulation Capability

Insulation is often on the building materials industry and bearing information are functionally separated properly in the building complex. EPS lightweight concrete, cement polystyrene, EPS and EPS foam hollow brick light roof insulation Board, characterized by full use of excellent EPS EPS foam machinery equipment factory the insulating function. Scrap foam machinery damaged, through infrared light heats, its volume to 1/20, then mix with special cement, rice made from sugar-like building information, has been identified as non-combustible building materials. The building material is the silencer averaged 60%, EPS machinery contain noise pollution to some frequencies can be reached 90%. This information has been used for a variety of sound insulation of walls and ceilings.

Other EPS crushing material can also be made from lightweight black, Interior and exterior wall thermal insulation mortar and light mortar. Foam equipment factory plastic clay and EPS crushing material must have mixed, burned at a high temperature baking, EPS was scorched and broken material hollow structure made of clay bricks, this brick with high strength and excellent heat insulation features.