EPS Foam Machinery Of Energy Saving Potential

EPS foam machinery production process with very large potential for energy saving in injection molding machine, for example, injection moulding machine process is generally divided into clamping, injection, melt plastic, packing, cooling, mold in several stages, different stages require different pressure and flow.

As for the pump motor, plastic injection molding process is the change in load State, in the hydraulic system of pump, pump motor with constant speed constant flow, extra hydraulic oil back through overflow valve, this process is known as high pressure throttle, such a return would cause energy loss. Frequency converter used to solve this problem, after adjusting pump speed, pump can provide appropriate at different stages of injection molding machine production of oil, reduces energy loss to the greatest degree.

First EPS foam machinery using the inverter is on some end users, system integrators to provide them with EPS foam machinery of frequency conversion energy saving programmes, with remarkable results, thus increasing EPS foam machinery users using frequency conversion retrofit their equipment.