EPS Architectural Introduction

EPS molding is a new exterior lines and components, suitable for installation in exterior wall on EPS, XPS thermal insulation of walls, reflects both European classical and elegant décor, but also ensures the external wall of the main building there is no cold, thermal bridge effect. EPS molding polystyrene from releasing B2 fire safety as the main body, paste the alkali-resistant glass fiber grid cloth, special bonding layer is compounded. Not affected by temperature change, cold, heat resistant; not affected by wet weather and the effects of acid rain. EPS molding fireproof does not produce toxic substances, is environmental protection of high quality decorative building material products. EPS mouldings using computer numerically controlled cutting, making quick, variety of models, such as lines, columns, window frame, brackets, and so on, can be installed on four sides of the window, door, angle of eaves and walls; the building's façade more beautiful, more building designers bring a new and different kind of creativity.

Main features:

, Light weight (for polystyrene EPS line aggregates), a person may freely move, construction.

Second, firm paste. EPS decorative line main is with polymer mortar and wall surface for bond, polymer mortar is will organic rubber added to inorganic material cement mortar mixing made, using life long, bond firm, and has has national standards and specification, and in large engineering application in the proved is security reliable of, thus avoid has for used anchor tied fixed way construction and anchor tied rust of hidden, also completely solution has outside wall outside insulation cold, and hot bridge of problem.

Three, model be processed accordingly. EPS line designed by computer modelling, automatic cutting, short production period.

Four, easy to install. Utilizing special adhesive materials and methods of construction of one person can install, especially large line works just bonded installation.

Five, no gaps between lines. EPS between mouldings using bonding same gap filling materials and wall cracks disappear, in use in the future will not crack.