Bubble Machine New Development Trend

Foam machinery industry after several years of development technology is relatively mature, and now in addition to mainframe, General specification for foam machinery already exceeds demand, market demand is saturated, to open markets and must develop new and high technological content, better production of foam machinery, as reflected in:

1th to develop all-electric, full hydraulic precision foam machines. These products hit the market in electronic communications, audio-video, home appliances, automobiles, processing conditions requiring high precision requirements for injection moulding machines has increased, these industries are rising, there is a lot of space.

2nd is the development of hollow plastic bubble machine. This is because of the plastic parts in a State of vibration stress damage automotive plastic and other engineering problems, and various rubber materials combined with a hollow plastic injection molding technology, such flaws can be effectively improved.

3rd is the development of new foam with air-assisted, water-assisted equipment machinery. Such technologies have a great market in the near future, in particular higher requirements on appearance, longer service life of the product, such as home appliances, automobiles, building more attractive.

Only by continuously increase the mechanical product technology, could comply with the accumulation of this increasingly competitive society, have been recognized by customers, a strong position in the market.

To sum up, after reading this bubble machine new development trends, and to our knowledge has precipitated a great help, and help guide our practice, vision, and increased efficiency.