Automatic Batch EPS Beads Foam Machine From China


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automatic batch EPS beads foam machine from China

EPS pre-expander
It turns eps raw material (expanded polystyrene) to big and light foam beads through steam heating. With PLC and touch screen to realize full automatic production for feeding, heating and ejecting foam beads

1.Steam system
Use precise pressure reducing valve and PID(proportional valve system) to keep constant steam.
2.Pressure control
 Foaming machine's pressure sensor works with multi-valves venting system, ensuring stable pressu Pre-expanded polystyrene  re inside expansion chamber.
3.Temperature control
Adopts temperature sensor and compressed air proportional valve to keep accurate expansion temperature, suitable for high density expansion.
4.Material level control
Use vibration sensor to control material level.
5.Material filling system
With batch controller and weighing scale to ensure same input weight every batch.
6.Electrical control
PLC and touch screen, electronic parts, valves etc. are all of famous brand at home and abroad

-1 year quality guarantee, spare part for free 
-2 engineers go to install EPS production line